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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Geothermal Energy

From the U.S. Geological Survey:

Recovered yet from that Arctic blast last week? If not, why not warm up while reading about our geothermal research? 

Geothermal energy comes from heat deep inside the Earth. It’s been used as far back as the Roman Empire for hot springs baths, and many countries still make use of them today, such as Japan and Iceland. Geothermal also has significant potential for power generation, especially in the Western United States.

USGS studies these possibilities and even assessed the energy resource potential of geothermal in the western United States. Read

Image shows the Hot Creek Gorge geothermal reservoir that provides electric power at nearby Casa Diablo. Image Credit: Chris Farrar, USGS #USGS #science#Geothermal #Energy

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